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Short Bio of Gini Crawford

revised 1/2014

Gini Crawford told God decades ago, "I won't teach." She told God, "I can't write. No one will want to read what I have to say, anyway." Needless to say, God got His way even without a fish having to shallow her. For years Gini has been using her teaching and shepherding gifts to write Bible studies and devotions for women including some audio devotions. They are being posted on the website: They can be downloaded for free. The website gets around 11,000 visitors a month.

Gini has been a Christian since 1971. She has had the privilege of teaching the Bible to women through church ministries and in the community for the last 30 or so years. She has organized, lead and lectured using Precepts Studies, as well as using her own inductive Bible studies. The Women's Pregnancy Centers of Tucson are using a Bible study she developed on God's love, which has been revised for her website. She received her Masters in Social Work - counseling in 2004. Her area of expertise is sexual assault counseling. She has been volunteer staff at the Gospel Rescue Mission Women's Center in Tucson.

Gini and her husband, Tom, have been married 38 years. They have 3 terrific adult children who are married to 3 terrific spouses, with 6 terrific grandchildren. Gini's hobbies are - keeping up with her family, finding time to connect to friends, walking (and talking to God), bicycling and swimming (to burn those calories), and watching grandkids.

Since 2009 Gini has managed several political campaigns in Southern Arizona and is currently consulting for political campaigns. Because of running political campaign's Gini hasn't written for Because of God Ministries for a few years. Now that she has more time, she is rewriting her God Loves You and Me Bible Study into a daily devotional too. She is also in the process of writing some more women's devotions and a study as time lets her.



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