because of God's love


Love of God


Devotional Bible Study

God loves you and me - a detailed Bible Study

A free Bible study for women on God's love in 8 lessons and an epilogue. Topics include: God's love seen through creation. God's love and our sin. God's love and the death of Jesus Christ. God's love and the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ shows us God's love. God is our loving Father. God's love will never end. God's love empowers us to love. Also includes free MP3 devotions on God's love with each lesson.


Daily Bible Devotional Series

God loves you and me - a daily devotional

The free daily devotional, God Loves You and Me, will consist of 60 daily devotions that are organized under nine lessons taken form the study on God's love. Each day covers a different theme about God's love. This daily devotional has much of the same information as the study on God's love with less homework and some new insights on God's love.


Devotional Bible Lesson

God's love for us is seen in creation

This devotion talks about God's love for us is seen very clearly through His creation. It discusses how God created us very good and what that means. It explains how we are the pinnacle of God's creation and why He created everything for us to enjoy and to sustain us. It clarifies what it means to be in God's image.

The love of God is described

This Valentines devotion describes God's love. It emphasizes that words of love need to be backed up with acts of love, or a person doesn't feel or think they are loved. It describes God's love as words that are lived out in His actions of love, especially His Son dying for us even though we were His enemies. It defines the Hebrew word for love hesed and the Greek word for love agape. It discusses the meaning of covenant from God's perspective.

Do you love God enough?

In this short devotion, from my personal struggles - the difficulties to loving God is explained and applied to life.