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Devotions for women

God is our loving father

This is an audio devotion on Hosea 11 about God being our loving Father. It paints a vivid picture of how much God our Father loves us and how He intimately cares for us.  It describes how God hurts (as we would) when we turn away from Him. This audio devotion can be used for a baby shower (like it was) or a woman’s event that has "God is our Father" for a theme, or for personal edification. Read the written introduction first. Then you can listen to either the full version or the mini version.


Short devotions from Gini's heart

God is our Father who will never forget us!

In this short devotion, with personal illustrations about Isaiah 49:15, you are taught God your Father will not forget you.


Do you ever feel God has forgotten you? (Psalm 13)

In this short devotion, taken from King David's example and my personal struggles - you are encouraged to be real and honest in your relationship with God, and to trust in Him because of His love.

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