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Do you love God enough?


I was talking to God this morning as I was having my devotions, asking Him, “how much time and effort should I put into friendships?”  I struggle with this, because I don’t want to love my family and friends more than God.  Yet I know I do, more than I don’t.  I am ashamed to say, (but I try to be honest about my walk with God), I probably love my stuff more than God at times too.

I have come to realize lately, the more I get to know God and seek Him, the more I grow to realize I don’t love God as fully I should. (God asks us to love Him in Mark 12:30 with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength!)  It’s odd to me!  You would think the more I got to know God, the more I would love Him?  I do believe what is happening is, as I truly see who God is and not my preconceived ideas of Him, I simply see how far from His character and His standard of love I fall!

God doesn’t expect us to love exactly as He loves, because He is love!  Yet, He does expect us as Christians to desire and seek to love Him more and more … (Philippians 1:6)! Let me remind you, only through His Spirit empowering us can we love God and others His way. (Romans 5:5)

How much do you love God? Do you love Him enough to read His Words written to you and to talk to Him?  Do you love Him enough to agree with Him about your sin? Do you love God enough to love others? Beware, we can’t fool God with how much we love Him - others yes, but not Him. He knows our hearts. So be honest with God and ask the Holy Spirit to increase your love for Him!    Read 1 Corinthians 13 & 1 John 4.

Because of God’s agape love, Gini

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