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As I was getting into my car today, an older man came up to me. At first I thought, “He’s that guy who tries to give me a pamphlet every so often about the many ways you can get to God.” (I never have taken that guy’s info, but we always have a lively discussion about Jesus Christ being the only way to get to God.)  Then I looked at the pamphlet he was offering me; it was clearly Christian.  I thanked him for offering it to me and said, “I am a Christian. Just save it and give it to someone else.”

As I was talking to him about, he was telling me about his many years of passing out Christian literature. As we were talking, God got my attention and made me truly look beneath his exterior and see his life. His looks were nothing our beauty oriented society would consider desirable. He looked weathered from the sun, and his clothes looked old and well used. I found myself thinking, “This guy is going to be great in God’s kingdom. He has passed out Christian pamphlets for decades, not to be recognized or esteemed by any human or to build a ministry, but simply because he loves God and loves people enough that he doesn’t want them to go to hell.” Most Christians nowadays would think his service to God was not important and maybe even useless.

As I drove off I found myself thinking, “I have just seen and heard someone very precious to God’s heart!” Then God whispered to me through His Spirit, “That man’s ministry for Me is so much greater than many so-called famous Christian ministries. Take notice of him Gini. At times you minister because of pride, not because of Me! Don’t let your pride be controlling this website, but let your love for Me motivate you (Mark 12:28-31)!” Ouch! Please pray for me to be so much in love with God, that my motive for doing this website or anything else will be right.

Because of His grace, gini

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